Monthly Archives: April 2019

Hair Restoration Forum

Hair Restoration Forum Should Be Unbiased The hair restoration forum is a great way for potential patients to communicate with experts in the industry. The hair loss industry has always been something of a mystery. A good hair restoration forum helps unlock those mysteries. What actually works? What is a scam? How does a hair …

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Hair Restoration Breakthrough

A Hair Restoration Breakthrough Called The MaxHarvest Procedure A hair restoration breakthrough referred to as the MaxHarvest Procedure is changing the way patients look at hair surgery. This hair restoration breakthrough is considered revolutionary in the hair transplant industry. For almost 20 years now, follicular unit transplantation (FUT) has been the gold standard in the …

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Hair Restoration Options

Hair Restoration Options Can Be Confusing For people with hair loss, there are many hair restoration options available today. Hair restoration options should be placed into three separate categories. Your choices will be approved oral and topical solutions, non surgical hair, or hair transplantation surgery. This is a very wide variety of choices so you …

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