Why is Our Hair Transplant So Affordable Every Time?

IT’S SIMPLE! Our unique technique allows us to deliver TWO to THREE times the density in a SINGLE surgery resulting in LESS surgeries, MORE naturalness, LESS expense and MORE overall satisfaction the very FIRST time.

Depending on your hair loss, hair transplant cost ranges between $6,000 – $15,000. The good news is you can acheive significant results in just a single surgery. After the doctor makes an assessment of your hair loss situation, you will know exactly how many hairs will be moved before the day of the surgery and what the cost will be. Deposits are required upon scheduling and are non-refundable unless two week notice is given prior to surgery.

Every Patient is Different!

Donor area, elasticity, scalp size, amount of hair loss: Every patient is so different that it is really impossible until you meet with the doctor in person or virtually for an assessment to know exactly how much your hair transplant will cost. That’s why we invite you in for a free consultation today!

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The type of hair loss you have, the condition of your donor area, the size of the area with hair loss, the type and color of your hair, and the elasticity of your scalp all affect your procedure. Many people pay up front while others find that financing can be a great solution. With surgeries starting as low as $6000, your payment can be as low as $169 a month.

Pay it Up Front or Finance it!

Cost Depends on Your Hair Loss

Cost Payment Term
$6000 $167 mo 48 mo
$7000 $195 mo 48 mo
$8000 $223 mo 48 mo
$9000 $254 mo 48 mo
$10000 $279 mo 48 mo
$12000 $334 mo 48 mo
$15000 $417 mo 48 mo
$20000 $556 mo 48 mo

*Prices may vary.

The best news is, here at Great Hair Transplants you will get more hair in a single procedure than you will anywhere else. That means less surgeries for you and less overall cost.