Hair Surgery Guide

A Hair Surgery Guide Makes It Easy To Research Your Options Properly

A hair surgery guide should be a list of simple steps needed to be taken before deciding on the procedure. The following is a hair surgery guide worth paying attention to! Keep in mind a hair surgery guide should be unbiased and allow you to research all different procedures and doctors before your first visit for a consultation. Make notes next to each tip and keep updating your hair surgery guide as you become more educated.

  • Is your diet healthy? Are you under any severe stress? If female, have you recently gone through a pregnancy?
  • Is there any hair loss in your family?
  • List any medications you may be taking or taken in the last few years.
  • Create a spreadsheet of viable options which include both surgical and non surgical.
  • Take a look at a few non surgical options first. However, be aware that no matter what name the non surgical replacement is called, for men it is a toupee, and for women it is a wig. Do not believe it is anything other!
  • If you choose not to go non surgical, start to research surgical options.
  • You should visit a hair loss specialist. This is a doctor who only does hair surgery full-time.
  • If determined you have genetic hair loss, and most everyone does, be prepared to discuss the options with the doctor to stop or slow the hair loss. You should be given three options. This includes oral medication, topical medication, or cold laser therapy. You should be told your long-term result will be better by retaining the hair you still have left on your head.
  • Now you will need to research the doctor that works best for you. You will need to make sure he does this full-time. He has a full-time staff. He has at least five years experience. And you must ask for many before and after photos.
  • The final step is to make sure you are quoted a hair surgery price by the hair not the graft. Grafts are easily manipulated and you will get less for more money. Hairs cannot be manipulated and you will get end up getting more hair. Please remember you will need as many hairs as possible in your procedure for a significant change. Don’t allow your self to be suckered in by an advertised low graft price.
For more great hair surgery guide information please visit, Hair Surgery Guide.
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Dr. Brett Bolton

Dr. Brett Bolton has been specifically trained for hair transplant surgery and that is all he has specialized in since he has been practicing medicine since 1997.
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