Hair Transplant Questions

Make Sure You Get All the Answers to Your Hair Transplant Questions

Anyone looking to have a surgical hair procedure done needs to make sure and get all the answers to their hair transplant questions. There are many hair transplant questions to choose from. These hair transplant questions will differ based on the expectations and knowledge of the prospective patient. However, the following is a list of the very basic hair transplant questions that need to be answered by the doctor:

  1. Does the doctor do this full-time?
  2. What is the experience of the staff and how long has the doctor worked with the staff?
  3. What types of quality control does the doctor use to check the work of his staff?
  4. How many procedures does the doctor do each day? hint (more than 2 is not a good thing)
  5. Based on your stage of hair loss, type of hair quality, and budget for the surgery, what will the outcome most likely be?
  6. Does the doctor recommend oral or topical medications to help slow or stop continued hair loss?
  7. Make sure to ask for photos and videos of the doctors patients. Make sure these are the actual doctor’s work and not that of another doctor or a large company.
A great place for all the answers to your questions is Hair Transplant Questions
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Dr. Brett Bolton has been specifically trained for hair transplant surgery and that is all he has specialized in since he has been practicing medicine since 1997.
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