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Best Hair Transplant Surgeon for Hair Loss Treatment In USA

Dr. Brett Bolton

“If it looks completely natural, and boosts density by two to three times,why wouldn't I use ALL my options to give patients the best possible result?”

— Dr. Brett Bolton

Are you ready to get a hair surgery for your hair loss?

This ideology and Dr. Bolton's trail blazing techniques invite a lot of opposition from competition but his fervor for unequaled superior results places him in a class by himself.

Dr. Brett Bolton is Different:

MaxHarvest™ Procedure

A MaxHarvest™ Hair Transplant is a specialized hair restoration surgery developed by Dr. Brett Bolton which incorporates a distinctive harvesting technique that safely extracts the maximum number of hairs possible based on the individual's scalp elasticity and donor area condition. Unlike all other conventional hair transplant procedures, this unparalleled formula insures that each patient has the best opportunity to yield maximum results based on their individual variables in just one procedure.

Bolton Bundles™!

Bolton Bundles™ also known as multiple follicular units are grafts containing 2-3 follicular units or (4 to 8 hairs). THESE ARE NOT PLUGS, these are SLIT GRAFTS just the same as in micrografts or follicular units and they are NOT used in the frontal hairline. Instead, they are used behind the hairline to boost density up to two to three times!

Bolton Bundles Advantages:

  • - More density behind the hairline
  • - Undetectable soft natural results (because mulitple hairs are left in their natural state)
  • - Healthier transplanted tissue (because it's less likely to be damaged during separation)
  • - Lower hair transplant cost
  • - And satisfying results in JUST One Procedure!

How did Dr. Bolton Develop the MaxHarvest™ Hair Transplant?

In the late 90's Dr. Bolton was new to his Tennessee practice in Nashville. On the timeline of hair transplant technology it was a golden opportunity for this ambitious young surgeon. A wide variety of old techniques like hair plugs, [SEE PICTURES ON RIGHT] punch grafts and flap surgeries were on their way out and new FUT methods were cresting the horizon. Dr. Bolton had the unique advantage to observe old and new surgical methods. He corrected a large number of unnatural looking bad transplants done by other clinics with new FUT techniques.

Understanding the difference between old and new techniques

Many of the old surgeries were a result of large hair plugs which contained anywhere from 8-20 hairs harvested with a punch biopsy instrument. Sometimes as large as 4mm in diameter, these grafts were punched out in a circular shape which guaranteed an unnatural 'doll plug' look. Because of this plugginess, doctors were eager to move away from large grafts and embrace the new FUT methods. By the turn of the century many surgeons refused to transplant anything larger than a follicular unit which contained no more than 1-4 hairs or 1 follicular unit.

Dr. Bolton is Not Conventional, Which Means More Hair for Patients

On the flip side of Dr. Bolton's observations, he also considered the handiwork of highly skilled surgeons such as the late Dr. Constantine Chambers who made the most of old style techniques. As a true hair restoration pioneer, Dr. Chambers did wonders with larger grafts, especially in the crown area. After observing his work, this changed the direction of Dr. Bolton's practice forever. He became convinced that using FUT methods alone would not be enough to give new patients the kind of density he felt they should have. He wasn't about to discard valuable ideas that could potentially help patients for the sake of conformity among peers especially if it meant less hair for patients. He also knew that he could not use the old punch graft harvesting methods. That's when Dr. Bolton began to use what he calls "multiple follicular unit grafts" or "Bolton Bundles™".

Dr. Bolton Blazes a New Trail for the Most Effective Hair Transplant

Harvested and separated under microscope just like the follicular unit graft, Bolton Bundles are slit grafts that are slightly larger than its follicular unit counterpart. Containing not 1 but 2-3 follicular units this graft has double or triple the hair density with 4-8 hairs. When strategically placed behind the hairline and mixed with follicular units and micrografts (1 hair grafts), this multi-unit graft is the answer to the higher density issue.

seperating multiple follicular unit grafts under magnficiationThe Best of Both Worlds

Being a slit graft, Bolton Bundles are resilient enough to be packed in tightly without robbing the available blood supply of neighboring grafts. Separated under microscope, the edges of delicate hair follicles are not damaged like that of the old style punch grafts. The overall appearance is more natural looking because the bundles are transplanted as one naturally occurring unit instead of being separated and then transplanted a single follicle at a time. In 2002, Dr. Bolton co-developed Multi-Unit Hair Grafting for PAI Medical Group in his Tennessee office which is a technique that combines these unique graft sizes for the best natural looking results.

While most doctors would like to see you pay more money and come back for more surgeries, Dr. Bolton would rather see you get more hair in one session. That's why He developed the MaxHarvest™ Hair Transplant...

Combined with the development of Bolton Bundles, Dr. Bolton deviated from mainstream hair surgeries to develop the MaxHarvest™ Hair Transplant.

A MaxHarvest™ Hair Transplant is a specialized hair restoration surgery which incorporates a distinctive harvesting technique that safely extracts the maximum number of hairs possible based on the individual's scalp elasticity and donor area condition. Unlike all other conventional hair transplant procedures, this unparalleled formula insures that each patient has the best opportunity to yield maximum results based on their individual variables in just one procedure.

We DON'T Count Grafts. We Just Give You More Hair!

See amazing results for yourself. View our patient testimonials on video and look at our before and after photos. When you make an appointment for a free consultation chances are you will meet other patients returning for their 4 month or 1 year follow up appointments. We also have a long list of patient referrals so you can speak to someone who has already experienced Dr. Bolton's amazing hair restoration.

More Hair...Less Surgeries... Less out of Pocket Expense

More hair means less surgeries and less cost for patients. That might not be popular among hair surgeons but for Dr. Bolton, it is the only way to do surgery.

Dr. Brett Bolton Hair Transplant Surgeon Credentials

Bachelor of Science degree
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan.

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Des Moines University
Des Moines, Iowa.

Postgraduate training
Palmetto General Hospital
Hialeah, Florida.

Dr. Bolton has been specifically trained for hair transplant surgery and that is all he has specialized in since he has been practicing medicine since 1997.

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  •  Review
    Dec 9, 2019
    Leon Downing Reviews
    Leon Downing
     google Review
    I had a great experience with Dr. Bolton. I’ve been a hairdresser for many years, and I have worked with the best people in the industry. After years of research I found Dr. Bolton. Who gave me a hair transplant, and I cannot tell you how much he’s changed my life. He has made me look ten years younger. He is the best Dr. in the industry, if...
  •  Review
    Dec 9, 2019
    Progress teo Reviews
    Progress teo
     google Review
    I most say thank you Michael and Dr Bolton for my hair Transplant Procedure it change my life now I can take pictures and feeling happy about my self my hair grow back I’m so happy thank you guys so much
  •  Review
    Dec 6, 2019
    Alejandro Torres Reviews
    Alejandro Torres
     google Review
    Excellent results! In my first procedure I had an amazing outcome. I feel more confident and comfortable with my self. My friends and family think so too! For years I’ve been suffered because I didn’t have hair and had a very low self esteem but thanks to Dr. Bolton and Michael Anticoli I’ve felt so much better. I’m super excited to go for my...
  •  Review
    Dec 6, 2019
    A Squeo Reviews
    A Squeo
     google Review
    I went to Dr Bolton after getting 1800 fue and absolutely no results almost ready to give up I contacted Michael Anticoli who works with Doc and decided to get a max harvest from Dr Bolton Michael made my experience in Florida great and Doctor Bolton did a beautiful transplant on my crown and now I can walk out of a room confident of my results...
  •  Review
    Dec 6, 2019
    Ron C Reviews
    Ron C
     google Review
    I'm very satisfied with my new look and I would recommend Dr Bolton to anyone who wants a hair transplant done right the first time. His staff is also very efficient. Michael Anticoli did a great job of coordinating travel arrangements and continuing with follow-up communications.
  •  Review
    Dec 6, 2019
    A A Reviews
    A A
     google Review
    Its been over a year since visiting Dr Bolton and I cannot say enough good things about the experience with Great Hair Transplants. From start to finish the experience was 5 star. Mike is the guide version of Dr Bolton. He has the same attention to detail. Mike ensures everything is taken care. It felt like a pampered at a day at the spa rather...
  •  Review
    Nov 28, 2019
    Jose delahoz Reviews
    Jose delahoz
     google Review
    Very satisfied client, feel like a new person
  •  Review
    Nov 28, 2019
    Patient of Dr. Brett Bolton Reviews
    Patient of Dr. Brett Bolton
     google Review
    I’m a physician and only recommend Dr.Bolton to my friends and colleagues. He was professional, quick, and got me great results. Super happy with my new head of hair. Looks so natural that my barber couldn’t believe it!
  •  Review
    Nov 28, 2019
    Alex Figueroa Reviews
    Alex Figueroa
     google Review
    I recommend Dr Bolton and his staff, awesome experience, Mike is always available to answer any questions always guided me before and after procedure. procedure was explained, Dr.Bolton and his staff very professional made a real bonding experience, procedure was quick, painless and I am having great results!!! Recommend 100%
  •  Review
    Nov 28, 2019
    John Denyko Reviews
    John Denyko
     google Review
    Dr. Brett Bolton and his team including Josh are extremely professional.The procedure went flawlessly also was fed lunch and was entertained with a movie on the big screen tv.The positioning of the hair follicles were precise and were anatomically correct for my facial features and the donor area is invisible.Looking forward to my next visit!!
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